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#9 Dr. Ross Dunseath and Psychokinesis


Dr. Ross Dunseath (courtesy of Rosanna Schaffer-Shaw)

Dr. Ross Dunseath (courtesy of Rosanna Schaffer-Shaw)

Kate and Fahrusha delve into the mysteries of psychokinesis on Podcast Number 9 with University of Virginia’s Dr. Ross Dunseath. Psychokinesis is the ability to move objects by mental effort alone.

As Assistant Professor of Research in the Division of Perceptual Studies with the esteemed Dr. Edward Kelly, Ross has been working on establishing irrefutable scientific evidence of human mental action on matter, such as metal bending and movement of small objects. All aficionados of the paranormal will find this interview both fascinating and instructive.

UVA DOPS staff page

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3 thoughts on “#9 Dr. Ross Dunseath and Psychokinesis

  1. Thank you so much for this interview! You two really seem to have your fingers on the pulse…or at least are interested in the same things I am, at the exact same time:) Co-incidence?

    I’ve been reading Irreducible Mind, mentioned on the show, and finding it amazing, totally in a class by itself amongst books that deal seriously with paranormal subjects, in so many ways. Unlike all the others I’ve read (and this is my preferred subject for reading, so my library is large), it’s NOT written for a “lay” or pop-sci audience. It’s an academic work, and often very dense going, footnotes on every page, lots of jargon, and of course, it’s HUGE and heavy physically:)

    I’m neither an academic nor a psychologist. Nonetheless, I’ve managed to skip very little of it (the chapter on memory theory was too much for me), and don’t at all mind that it’s not a quick read because I’m finding it so interesting. The two main virtues I find in it are, 1: That there are MANY examples of paranormal events and persons described because they represent the most convincing examples from a serious academic POV, and many of these are in areas that I hadn’t even known about, or considered paranormal, from weird psychological maladies and aberrant but well documented experiences and mental capacities, all the way to the facts of genius and mysticism, both which are apparently almost never even discussed in contemporary psychology, or are even considered pathological! and 2: by arguing against them and in the process restating them, it gives me an astounding awareness of just how peculiar and often downright bizarre the conventional and prevailing psychological theories are and have been for the last 100 years or so. I really don’t think the average 1st-world person-on-the-street is aware of just how restrictive and mechanistic, how completely “soul-less” the vision of most psychological and neurological experts and professionals is. And this is Officialdom. These are the people writing not just the textbooks, but also the regulations and the guidelines by which humans in power regard and manage the rest of us, the superstitious, self-deluded public that doesn’t automatically deny the reality of all the strange things that happen to them and to people they know.

    So, let’s have MORE shows with folks from that UVA department, and lots more about and from the Monroe Institute!

    Thank you once again for your wonderful show!

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    • Dear David,
      Thanks for your comment. You have created an excellent book review for this wonderful book, making it required reading for anyone whose interest runs deeper than the average thrill seeker. We are planning on other TMI themed guests interspersed with guests from allied fields.
      It seems like most people need to construct a rigid framework, an orthodoxy in which to encompass their reality, be it a religious fundamentalism or an atheistic, mechanistic dogma that denies consciousness. As a modern philosopher said, “Think outside the box”.
      Thanks again,


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