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#8 Remote Viewer Angela Thompson Smith


The multi-talented Angela Thompson Smith

The multi-talented Angela Thompson Smith

Kate Valentine and Fahrusha have a nice chat with the British born psychic, shaman and remote viewer Angela Thompson Smith. She is the author of five books, Remote Perceptions, Diary of An Abduction, Voices From The Cosmos (With C.B.Scott Jones, Ph.D.), River of Passion and Shire.  In addition Ms. Thompson Smith is a nurse, social worker and earned a Master’s Degree in Great Britain. The genial discussion is far ranging and covers various paranormal topics.

Angela Thompson Smith’s website.

Click HERE to listen to our podcast.

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4 thoughts on “#8 Remote Viewer Angela Thompson Smith

  1. I can recommend Paul Smith’s “Reading the Enemy’s Mind”, which is a history of Remote Viewing. I personally think that ESP is real. It would also seem odd if we humans had ‘figured out’ the Universe when we’ve only been around for five minutes. Maybe the paranormal is purely misconception and maybe it’s practically impossible for aliens to get here from ‘there’, but the complexity of paranormal/UFO accounts seem to suggest that our reality is far more complex than we currently comprehend.

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  2. Thanks Rob, yes, Paul Smith is a very well respected remote viewer and though I haven’t yet read that book, I’m putting it on my list. And yes, our consciousness which is non-local may be the key to this entire enigma. Thanks for listening and commenting. 🙂

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  3. Great interview! Wasn’t Angela’s presentation at the IRVA Conference just amazing and quite moving? She is a phenomenal person and Remote Viewer.


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