Shattered Reality!

A paranormal podcast with your hosts Kate Valentine and Fahrusha



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  1. So glad you are back on the air….enjoy the show and love you both as co-hosts!! Knew you were coming back but thought it would be in the same podcast download as the old show….good thing that I finally searched for you guys!

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    • Thanks so much for finding us again. We have some great guests lined up, so we hope you will stay tuned. Please feel free to comment here on the shows individually or request a guest. Best wishes, Fahrusha


  2. I am trying to find your podcast in ITUNES


    • After a couple more podcasts we can apply to be included on iTunes. Until then, to download, click on the link and when the page comes up with the recording, go to your pull down menu at the top of your screen called “file” usually. Select the menu item called “save as” (usually) and choose an MP3 file. Then put the downloaded MP3 into your iTunes podcast category or onto your MP3 player or iPod. Thanks! Fahrusha


  3. Hi there, how can i download the postcasts or are they only in browser audio?


    • Most are on iTunes. Or you can use the “save as” feature under “file” if you use a Mac. I can’t speak about PCs. Sorry.
      Thanks for your comment. Fahrusha


  4. Hi.
    Ive been looking for Shattered Reality Podcasts on iTunes. I really miss Kates Podcasts. I’ve put Shattered Reality in the iTunes search Podcast and it just comes up with a list of Music to download. Can you give me a link where I can download the Podcasts via iTunes ?
    kind regards


    • Hi Pete,
      “Shattered Reality Podcast”, along with a number of other podcasts dealing with the paranormal and related subjects, has had trouble remaining on iTunes. I am working on getting us back up there. We were on iTunes for several months when we suddenly disappeared. I thought our feed was to blame and I went to WordCampNYC this weekend where a gentleman there kindly worked on our feed a bit. That doesn’t seem to have been our problem. Oddly, my own personal device continues to be updated on iTunes. I will be pursuing this issue in the coming weeks. Meanwhile some of our podcasts (more soon) are on YouTube and it is possible to download here by clicking on the podcast and choosing the “file” menu and clicking on “save as” mp3 file. At least that is how it works on a Mac. I’ve been told We have some great shows on a PC it can be done through some “right clicking” of the mouse. ??? I am not a PC user though. Also check out our sister site, to see if you can more easily download there.
      I am sorry for any inconvenience, I am working on it. Thanks for listening. We have some great shows coming up!


  5. I just discovered your podcast and listened to the episode with George Hansen.
    I really loved the quality of the discussion and your deftness in handling the minutiae of the subject.
    Most importantly it is so important to have women’s voices discussing this subject! Too many of these podcasts are seemingly men only zones.
    Thanks again

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  6. Hi, I would like to talk to you ladies about my strange and fascinating life of the past several years. The most obvious & instant-gratification part I could share with you: I woke up one morning fluently speaking two distinct extraterrestrial languages. I’ve had this gift now for over two years. I understand and speak it fluently. It’s not what a person might think, upon hearing “ET languages.” My main tongue sounds akin to many non-US languages and has common words rooted in ancient tongues. The secondary ET language does indeed sound extra terrestrial…. it’s throaty with hissing and is hard to describe and even harder to write down. 😉

    I could not find a private email to reach you two, pardon the public outreach… would you contact me, if interested in hearing my story? Leave enough time to talk, I have so much information to possibly share about life & ‘heaven’ & what humans really are… even down to the names of the components of our ‘machines’ that operate us.

    Anyway it’s an incredible talk, if you have time and interest to listen. Thank you. AricuRocks at Geee Mayl Dotttt Commerce. 😉 I hate spam.

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  7. Hello Shattered Reality
    Ref: Guest Suggestion
    Would it be possible to interview Terrell Copeland? I first saw this gentleman on UFO Hunters, Mr Copeland was a contactee and have s number of interviews and then went quiet.
    He had a fascinating ufo account only to drop off the radar.

    By the way you’re still a great podcast
    Many thanks

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  8. I can’t remember which episode I heard it on, but I recall hearing about how Germany has a very active research center on the paranormal. Unfortunately, my searching hasn’t turned anything up.. do you happen to recall the name of it?


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