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#80 Dr. Diana Walsh-Pasulka American Cosmic


Dr. Diana Walsh-Pasulka, author of American Cosmic: UFOs, Religion and Technology

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Fahrusha was pleased to welcome Dr. Diana Walsh-Pasulka author of American Cosmic: UFOs, Religion and Technology to “Shattered Reality Podcast”. Together they had a spirited conversation about the UFO enigma. They discussed some very anomalous experiences that Diana participated in, in the Southwest of the US. With two others, she found some unusual materials not believed to be manufactured on Earth.

It has become apparent that it is almost impossible to determine what events are real and what events are misreported due to a number of factors. Firstly events have always been reported according to peoples’ views on the subject and what one person sees is not necessarily what her neighbor sees. Secondly altering photographs successfully beyond detection is now possible, even by semi-professionals. Thirdly, entertainment and news are becoming mixed and intermingled, with a prevalence of docudramas that give some truth and some fiction. In the memory of viewers they perceive the fictionalized accounts as true. Finally augmented reality devices, such as “Oculus Rift” are becoming more common, allowing individuals to step into their own private worlds.

We talked about how traditional religious manifestations such as shared visions and levitation are also factors in the UFO phenomena. We spoke of the Spanish nun, Mary of Agreda who bi-located to the Dulce New Mexico area prior to the arrival of the European explorers, and the celestial manifestations at Fatima in Portugal. We agreed that many factors play a part in the different ways that people experience both UFOs and religious manifestations, especially cultural context.

Dr. Walsh-Pasulka has written and consulted on several other books including Heaven Can Wait: Purgatory in Catholic Devotional and Popular Culture.


The book American Cosmic: UFOs, Religion and Technology by Dr. Diana Walsh-Pasulka

Author: fahrusha


3 thoughts on “#80 Dr. Diana Walsh-Pasulka American Cosmic

  1. I would like to share a little synchronicity that happened while I wwas listening to this podcast via my iPhone. I was cleaning up the kitchen at the time and just as Fahrusha said the words, “Hi Diana”, my hand reached out to pick up a cup from the dishwasher. The cup was upside down and my eyes fell on the brand name stamped on the bottom of the cup at the exact moment Fahrusha spoke. The brand in large letters read “DIANA”. I thought it was a kind of neat little experience 😃. We have only two of those cups and rarely use them.

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    • Thank you Maxine! Life does provide us with incidents of synchronicity. We don’t always grasp the meaning at the time. I like to believe that they are signs that we are on the right path, sent to us by our higher self, the part of ourselves that is eternal. If we note them and honor them, they seem to become more frequent. I really appreciate that you shared this!


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