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Thomas Campbell and “My Big T.O.E.” #19

Author of "My Big T.O.E.", physicist and philosopher

Thomas Campbell, Author of “My Big T.O.E.”, physicist and philosopher

Listen to the interview here.

Kate Valentine and Fahrusha are thrilled to welcome Thomas Campbell, author of My Big T.O.E. to “Shattered Reality Podcast”. Tom had an illustrious career as a physicist for both Army Intelligence and NASA. In his spare time, he worked with consciousness pioneer Robert Monroe. During this collaboration he began to formulate his Theory of Everything. Eventually he published the three volume set My Big T.O.E.. He sees our 4D reality as an information based virtual reality and consciousness as the key factor. He believes that Love minimizes entropy causing evolution to progress, and to prove it he is a very genuinely kind individual. Consciousness exists outside the 4D Universe we inhabit. Today he lectures on consciousness internationally. Find out more by listening at the link above.

Fahrusha attended one of his wonderful and thought provoking seminars in New York City. She wrote a blog piece about it that can be accessed here.

Fahrusha and Tom Campbell at his 2010 NYC seminar

Fahrusha and Tom Campbell at his 2010 NYC seminar