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#108 Sean McNamara & Michael Redmond


Author Sean McNamara

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On July 28, 2020 Fahrusha welcomed Sean McNamara to “Shattered Reality Podcast.” Sean is a meditation teacher, a remote viewer and an author of several books. Fahrusha and Sean discussed his autobiographical book Renegade Mystic: The Pursuit of Spiritual Freedom Through Consciousness Exploration.

Sean grew up in a family that lived in different parts of the world which was exciting, culturally expanding but sometimes led to a feeling of displacement. Because of some medical emergencies, he feared death. Once stateside, as a young adult he sought community and spiritual enlightenment, but learned that gurus can often have clay feet.

“For most of my life I’ve been seeking, spiritually,” said Sean. So with those words “Shattered Reality Podcast” listeners know they will have something very much in common with Sean McNamara.

Sean McNamara’s book Renegade Mystic

Michael Redmond was a fascinating guest on the Listeners’ Corner portion of the show with his account of a double sighting of a UFO in NJ. It was a double sighting in two ways. He saw it with his wife and they saw it twice on the same evening. Michael is a distinguished journalist and runs the Facebook page Fringe Quest which is a roundup of paranormal news.

Journalist Michael Redmond . (Photo by Cie Stroud)

To end the show, Fahrusha told of an unusual case of telekinesis in her sleeping quarters. Perhaps it was her reading material or perhaps it was the late Alan Colmes.

The lamp lifted up and fell in a most unusual manner whilst Fahrusha slept.
Nothing broke!

We welcome your polite comments on this page and invite you to submit your paranormal experiences to You can tell them on the show yourself or have Fahrusha read your account. Thanks for listening!

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4 thoughts on “#108 Sean McNamara & Michael Redmond

  1. Hi Fahrusha. I really enjoyed this show. I got turned on to you by way of your Skeptiko appearance and I check in to your site every so often to look for any new content.

    I was very happy to hear that you will remain healthily skeptical of the NY Times and TTSA version of the UFO story. I’m a follower of a YouTube channel called “Dark Journalist” which is put together by a guy named Daniel Liszt. Daniel has gone pretty in depth into the TTSA organization in the past.

    Aside from Tom Delonghe, who is the main public face of that organization and is the former frontman of a band called Blink 182, the rest of the TTSA board consists of former CIA and military intelligence, some of whom have served in very high positions and for very many years. Jim Semivan is one person worth looking into in this regard.

    One person known for paranormal research is Hal Puthoff who is also on the board of TTSA. While this might be deemed a good thing, one can’t forget that his work for the SRI remote viewing program was done for CIA

    Another public face representing TTSA is Lou Elizondo who has served heavily in CIA counter-intellience.

    Anyway, Daniel Liszt’s interest and research into the UFO topic has left him with the strong impression that one should NOT let CIA dictate the narrative of the UFO phenomenon!

    Since you mentioned Howard Hughes, Dark Journalist has had some shows that feature Mr. Hughes. Daniel’s show is known for coming up with well researched historical facts that are not very well known and are usually surprising, and, occasionally, he even has a psychic on his show — Gigi Young, to give perspective from that angle.

    Thanks for your work!


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    • Dear Jaime,
      Thanks for writing such an interesting reply. I will definitely look into Mr. Liszt whose name I recall being mentioned elsewhere. I am vaguely acquainted with Hal Puthoff as he is a member of several organizations to which I belong, and Russell Targ who is a dear friend of the show.
      I really think the hot topic right now are all the drones flying over sensitive places in the US. To whom do they belong?
      I was at the MUFON Symposium 2 or 3 years ago when Lou Elizando beat a hasty retreat shortly before he was supposed to conduct a Q. & A. in a special session with people who paid extra to hear him. That hurt the organization financially as they were compelled to refund monies.
      Again, thanks very much for your newsy comment.
      Best of health,


      • Hi Fahrusha:

        Thank you for your reply to my comment.

        I had not heard anything at all about the drone situation that you mentioned. Pretty intriguing.

        I was thinking about you today as I read the article that I’ve linked below.

        It mentions Hal Puthoff, Monroe Institute and psychic abilities. Pretty interesting.

        By the way, I did attend the Gateway Program at TMI in 2007. I was one of those that did not experience anything paranormal during the training! Oh well. As I’m sure you know, all is paranormal to one extent or the other.

        Be well.


        On Thu, Sep 24, 2020 at 5:42 PM Shattered Reality! wrote:

        > fahrusha commented: “Dear Jaime, Thanks for writing such an interesting > reply. I will definitely look into Mr. Liszt whose name I recall being > mentioned elsewhere. I am vaguely acquainted with Hal Puthoff as he is a > member of several organizations to which I belong, and Russe” >


      • So interesting that you attended Gateway. I’ll check that article later tonight. Thanks so much.


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