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#92 Susan Demeter St.Clair and the Folklore of the Strange


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Susan Demeter St.Clair, author of Making Mountains out of Mashed Potatoes: UFOs as a ParaPsychological Event, a chapter of the book UFOs: Framing the Debate


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On September 17, 2019 Susan Demeter St.Clair joined Fahrusha on “Shattered Reality Podcast” to speak about UFOs and the folklore of the strange. Susan is a native of Ontario, Canada who is currently residing in Northern Italy. She is a researcher on the UFO phenomena and on European and Native American paranormal folklore especially the Italian Benandanti. The Benandanti were from the Friuli region of Italy of north eastern Italy, although it is thought that the tradition was probably very widespread in slightly varying forms in much of agrarian, Pre-Christian Europe. Meaning literally “the good walkers”, members participated in out of body travels on a number of Thursdays to war against evil forces that might destroy crops. They were also healers. They were viciously persecuted as heretics by the Roman Inquisition.

Varying possible explanations for UFOs and for the famous Philip Experiment (Canada) were discussed. Our interview with Dr. Jim McClenon also mentions the Philip Experiment in the context of the SORRAT Group. Susan was kind enough to share with us her personal UFO experiences that changed the course of her life.

Towards the end of the episode, Fahrusha read an amazing account from a longtime listener who had a life changing UFO experience in western New York State. The listener requested to remain anonymous, something that we at “Shattered Reality Podcast will always respect. If you, dear listener, have a paranormal experience, be it a UFO, a near death experience, an out of body experience, a cryptid encounter or other high strange unexplainable phenomenon, we want to hear from you!

Please contact Fahrusha at if you would like to share a high strange experience with us.

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6 thoughts on “#92 Susan Demeter St.Clair and the Folklore of the Strange

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  2. Fahrusha I loved this episode! I have never heard of Susan Demeter St. Clair. I loved her honesty on her research as experiencer, and as an artist. I can relate to all the above. Thank you for sharing. I hope to hear Kate soon, I miss her input and miss hearing her voice. I am a long time listener. I would love to hear more experiencer shows too. I would love for you to talk to David Marler in a future episode. He’s book, Triangular Ufos, An Estimate of the Situation” is one of the best books I’ve ever read. I’d like to also share my experiences in future show. I’m also an amateur researcher would love to meet you guys one day. All you ladies move me. Thank you!!


    • Hi Susana, Thanks for writing in, and thanks for listening. I know Kate would like to come back on the air and I will give her your regards. Please let us know when you would like to be on our “Listeners’ Corner”. Meanwhile, I’ll check out David Marler. Thanks for the recommendation. Best regards, Fahrusha


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