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#85 Owls, UFOs and Synchronicity


Owls and their relationship to UFOs and synchronicity are the subjects of Mike Clelland’s work.

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On March 12, 2019 Fahrusha welcomed Mike Clelland, an avid outdoorsman, illustrator and UFO researcher, to “Shattered Reality Podcast”. He has written extensively on the subject of owls, UFOs, and synchronicity. This episode was particularly conversational, with Fahrusha contributing some of her experiences to the mix. The short take-away from this is that people who have experiences with owls in the wild often also have UFO experiences and many of them may be abductees as well. Some folks see owls that are impossibly big to be flesh and blood owls. Under hypnosis these people sometimes find that what they saw were actually small grey aliens.

Though Mike’s research centers around the owl/UFO connection, Fahrusha drew parallels to other animal/UFO connections involving raccoons, cats and opossums among others. Fahrusha is a city chick, but she is a good spotter of birds and mammals in the wild. Owls have the best hearing of all birds and excellent night vision as well. Their feathers are specially equipped for silent flight. Cats and dogs also see more than the spectrum visible to humans, and may be sensitive to invisible intruders. All human companions of cats have been unnerved by the felines staring intently at something the human cannot see.

Clelland has written two books on owls and their relationship to the UFO enigma: The Messengers and Stories From the Messengers, both of which are an engaging read. He writes an interesting blog at

Mike Clelland, author of two books involving UFOs, Owls and Synchronicity and other books on backpacking.


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5 thoughts on “#85 Owls, UFOs and Synchronicity

  1. are you a coast to coast fan of geo noori???etc.i am a ufologist with mufon etc.

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    • Glad to hear you are listening! Coast to Coast has very interesting guests, but it is mostly behind a pay wall. We are trying to keep our content free. I hope to hear more from you Marvin. What got you interested in the subject? Thanks.


  2. I enjoyed very much the interview. I was not aware about the psychic quality of squids. I had an extremely powerful experience with an enormous squid during an Hemi-Sync exercise, that I go back over an over. You are doing a great job by sharing so many facts about synchronicity. Well done.

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  3. Fahrusha, what a show with Mr. Clelland! Second time around listening to this episode. There is definitely a connection with owls and Ufos! I actually experienced one also. Like you and Mr.Clellend, I had a missing time episode when i was 11 or 12 years old. For about three years straight, I had been celebrating my birthday at a park in the Santa Monica Mountains. I clearly remember walking away and being alone in these bushes and for some reason I felt like something lead me there. I also remember walking back to find my family not to worried because the kids where hitting the but I do remember, a few of my aunts were a bit upset because it was time to do the cake, and nobody could find me. This is where the owl connection comes in this story. On the way back, driving back home on the pch, I remember my parents had a brown astro van at the time, and an owl had crashed right in front of us, it was so crazy!!! I have seen ufos are my life, orbs, and other craft all my life. I don’t remember us pulling over at the time for the owl, but was pretty strange.

    This show also reminded me of the sighting of the Braxton County Monster, that occurred in Virginia, and how the media debunked the sighting of the entity seen, and was later said to be an owl. Which made no sense, considering the fact that the witnesses where very knowledgeable of the area. I also remember Whitley Strieber’s book “Communion” that owls, and animals like deer, where seen near the cabin, where he and his wife were abducted. Again loved this show. btw miss Kate very much. I love when you gals tackle this mystery of ufos.


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