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#76 Grant Cameron UFOs and Consciousness



Grant Cameron, veteran UFO researcher and prolific author.


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Fahrusha was very pleased to welcome veteran researcher in UFOs and consciousness, Grant Cameron. Our guest is someone whose career I have been following for the past 15 years. He is a hardworking, resolute and dedicated researcher from Manitoba, Canada.

Grant began his interest in UFOs in 1975 with his observation of a recurrent UFO called “Charley RedStar” in Carman Manitoba. After that he was bitten by the UFO bug. The Kate Valentine UFO show and Viewpoints with Kate Valentine (the predecessors of “Shattered Reality Podcast”) have archived 3 shows with Grant Cameron which can be accessed at by putting his name into the guest selector on the right on the main page.

He researched the work of the late Wilbert Smith who headed the Canadian UFO study Project Magnet. After that he was led to investigate Dr. Eric Walker, and Dr. Robert Sarbacher who he believed were the American keepers of the secret. Following this he founded website He filed freedom of information requests (foia requests), researched across America at the official libraries of past presidents, finding particular interest in connection between the Clintons and the (Laurence) Rockefeller UFO Initiative.

More recently he had what he called a download from a non-human source about the connectedness of everything, the non-physical manifestation of UFOs and the primacy of consciousness.

He has researched the mystery surrounding To The Stars Academy and ATTIP, Bob Bigelow and the Skinwalker Ranch.

He has also written quite a number of books on these subjects including Managing Magic: The Government’s UFO Disclosure Plan and Charlie Red Star: True Reports of One of North America’s Biggest UFO Sightings.


Author: fahrusha


2 thoughts on “#76 Grant Cameron UFOs and Consciousness

  1. The idea that cattle mutilation is a form of communication is difficult to accept; in part because one wonders what is being communicated. The suggestion is that its a form of mimicry, but is it a message or learned behaviour, almost childlike? There’s also the assumption that we’re the target of any message. Perhaps it’s one discarnate entity having a tantrum at another discarnate entity (for all the sense it makes).
    There is probably a clue in the boundaries of the phenomena including locations, animal types and actions carried out, which does seem to link back to humans. But it’s not efficient, and doesn’t indicate an intelligent message; despite the odd associated ‘technological’ sighting e.g. helicopters or UFO.

    But compared to other, very bizarre incidents mentioned, it almost seems rational.

    As for the apparent behaviour of damaged ‘craft’ and dripping material, it almost seems suggestive of intelligent vehicles (reminiscent of Batteries Not Included).

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    • The so-called “slag” has been a feature of a number of UFO sightings. I’m not sure what to make of it since I have personally never seen it and as such must rely upon the testimony of others.
      I am not of either polar opinion, that ETs and/or discarnate entities are either “good” or “bad”. That would indicate that they have a human point of view, which unless one such entity happens to be your deceased mother-in-law, they most likely do not. Like you I do not know for sure the message. However, if any of the so-called contactees are to be believed, a repeated message given to them was to be better stewards of the Earth. I can certainly get on board with that!
      Thanks for your thoughtful comment.


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