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#70 Rich Martini: Life Between Lives



Richard Martini, filmmaker and author of FlipSide and other works about between life experiences.


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Fahrusha and Kate Valentine were happy to welcome Rich Martini, who both wrote the book FlipSide and made the film “FlipSide”, which examine the phenomena of life between lives, wherein people visit a spiritual realm between physical lives to evaluate the past life and plan the next life. The person whose work this film and book concentrates on is the late hypnotherapist Dr. Michael Newton, who passed away  in September 2016.

The late Dr. Michael Newton, hypnotherapist and author of a number of books on the “life between lives” phenomena.

In the years since his making the film “FlipSide” Rich Martini has branched out into after-death communication. However for this podcast he demonstrated with Fahrusha how the life between lives process might work. This demonstration was a total departure from our usual programming. Rich is extremely enthusiastic and upbeat. Fahrusha verifies that she had seen what might amount to her “Council” in a stadium-like setting on several deep meditations at the Monroe Institute and elsewhere. We at SRP would like to know what our listeners think about the process that Rich Martini took Fahrusha through. She did exactly what he told her at the beginning and said the first thing that came into her mind. Does this constitute proof? Our jury is out. We would like to know your opinion on this.

Fahrusha found out about Life Between Lives therapy through a client who was quite taken with it. Several years ago she read one of his books and listened to an audio from the Michael Newton Institute and she thought the idea was fascinating but frightening. She didn’t want to die and have to go to school in the afterlife. She didn’t want to come back to play parts on Earth. Having studied the works of Robert Monroe rather thoroughly, she worried that if she might be caught in what Monroe called “the belief system territories”. That references the idea that one goes to the place that one believes in after death.

In addition to FlipSide, Rich Martini’s books include It’s A Wonderful Afterlife Volumes I and II, and Hacking the Afterlife.

We were thrilled that Rich Martini came on our podcast to explain the whole process to us and as Kate Valentine opines “We are all dying to find out.” 😉

FlipSide, the book.


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3 thoughts on “#70 Rich Martini: Life Between Lives

  1. Wonderful interview. Thanks for introducing me to Rich Martini and his work. I discovered hypnotherapy back in 2000, while trying to lose weight. Since then, the modality has been my #1 tool for creating change in my life, and along the way having several unexpected mystical/spiritual experiences. Dr. Newton’s work is phenomenal. Regarding the question of us having lifetimes as animals, during a past life regression, I shared a lifetime with my current older brother, where we were both really big (about six ft long) lizards. I’m guessing Komodo dragons.

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    • Very interesting. I like to think I was once a cat. I am so close to my cats over the years and several body workers I have had in my home over the years have independently said they saw a giant cat sitting next to my two cats watching the bodyworkers work on me. They have included massage therapists, acupuncturists and a network chiropractor.
      Let us know if you care to share any of your anomalous experiences in the “Listener’s Corner,” which generally takes place during the last 15 minutes of the show.

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