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#60 The Orange Orbs with Terry Ray


Orange Orbs author Terry Ray

Author Terry Ray

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The Kate Valentine and Fahrusha, hosts of Shattered Reality Podcast, were pleased to welcome The Complete Story of the Worldwide Invasion of the Orange Orbs author Terry Ray to discuss his theories about these orange orbs and case histories he has investigated. But first the show started out with Fahrusha setting out the news of purported UFO disclosure revelations by former government operatives. This story is ongoing and we plan to keep on top of it.

Terry Ray is a former military pilot and trial lawyer, a retired law professor emeritus and a certified Field Investigator for MUFON. Terry became fascinated by the orange orbs after a multiple sighting while on vacation in Ocean City, Maryland. His book is divided into 3 sections: maps and statistics, case histories and conclusions. He has also written an entertaining science fiction novel entitled GXM731 as well as other works of fiction. Currently he is working on a new book which will explain his work with photographic evidence of the orbs and the filters he has used with those photographs.

In this episode we discuss Terry’s books, his views on the nature of the Orange Orbs, the source of the orbs and possible beings associated with them. He explains his ideas about the government’s role in disclosure versus “the others” apparently attempting to acclimatize the general population to seeing anomalous lights and craft in the skies of Earth. Overall this episode is thought-provoking and simultaneously entertaining, and while Terry’s theories are speculative they are well thought out and certainly not impossible.

Photo released in December 2017 by government of a UFO which was in the airspace near the USN Aircraft Carrier Nimitz in 2004.

Terry Ray used his filters on the object and this is what he got!


Author: fahrusha


4 thoughts on “#60 The Orange Orbs with Terry Ray

  1. so I watch one for two hours in Adirondacks in NY in 73 ,AND still searching after 5 more sightings. just sayin


  2. Hi Fahrusha,

    Just wanted to respond to Kate’s comments in regard to energy
    requirements of space travel.

    As mentioned, compared to today’s energy production systems (including
    fossil fuels and nuclear energy), exotic forms of propulsion may take
    many times as much energy in order to travel between the stars.
    However, it’s worth comparing the energy production systems from 1000
    years ago today’s to nuclear fission reactors.

    Depending on whether we’re 10 years away from a total understanding of
    physics, or 10,000 years, then there may be yet-to-be-discovered sources
    of energy, as well as engineering advancements, that make interstellar
    travel practicable.

    There could easily be civilizations a million years ahead of us.
    Predicting possibilities that far ahead is pure speculation, but we
    probably shouldn’t assume that space exploration by aliens is controlled
    by single large organization similar to NASA, or requires funding from a
    national budget.

    Once a civilization has the ability to travel very far, very fast, then
    more emphasis will be placed on achieving greater efficiencies and
    regulating behaviour and practices.
    It won’t be so much a question of what they can do, but what they choose
    not to do.

    (On the issue of an independently evolving technological civilization on
    Earth, we’ve made use of resources from around the globe, as well as
    skills and knowledge. There are countries where development is inhibited
    because their natural resources are low.
    The possibility of a hidden civilization, developing to an equivalent
    (or greater) level to us, while being geographically restricted, is very
    unlikely. Growth is a very messy business.)



    P.S. Nice job of describing the situation re Tom Delonge ans Luis
    Elizondo. Some of us are holding our breath until Leslie Kean & Co’s
    next article. Very interesting times!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Freeman, Thanks for your comments. Your remarks are very thought provoking. It is difficult to conceive of a civilization that does not run on human logic, but of course, it is very likely that these intelligent non-human civilizations, if they exist, do not follow human logic. And I do expect that they do exist. Thanks again, Fahrusha


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