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Russell Targ, Secrets of Remote Viewing #34


Russell Targ teaching remote viewing at the Omega Institute, August 2012 (courtesy of Rosanna Schaffer-Shaw)

Russell Targ teaching remote viewing at the Omega Institute, August 2012 (courtesy of Rosanna Schaffer-Shaw)

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Russell Targ, renowned physicist and author, joins Kate Valentine and Fahrusha for an amazing conversation about remote viewing. This episode is a MUST listen.  Shattered Reality Podcast is honored to present this psychic pioneer and his fascinating story about his seminal work in remote viewing as a contractor for several clandestine alphabet agencies.

Targ is the author of nine books. His latest The Reality of ESP: A Physicist’s Proof of Psychic Abilities he feels is most complete, partially due to the fact that he was able to include both photos and information that were previously, but no longer, classified. He is also the producer of a new film titled Third Eye Spies which is due for release at the end of the year. Fahrusha has seen two iterations of the film in progress and hails it as an important historical document and a gripping narrative of psychic espionage. The award-winning director of the film is Lance Mungia.

One quote from the movie’s home page sums up Russell Targ’s  point of view about remote viewing, “The CIA, NSA and DIA used it, your tax dollars paid for it, and now you deserve to know about it.”

An example of Pat Price's remote viewing of a Russian gantry crane. Courtesy of Russell Targ.

An example of Pat Price’s remote viewing of a Russian gantry crane. Courtesy of Russell Targ.


Russell Targ and Fahrusha at the 2016 SSE Symposium (courtesy of Rosanna Schaffer-Shaw)

Russell Targ and Fahrusha at the 2016 SSE Symposium (courtesy of Rosanna Schaffer-Shaw)


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4 thoughts on “Russell Targ, Secrets of Remote Viewing #34

  1. This was my first time listening to one of your podcasts and I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to your future ones.


  2. Thank you. Always enjoy hearing Russell Targ interviewed. Like the interviewers here, I too was curious re. the reported adherence to Scientology of some of those in the remote viewing program at S.R.I. S.R.I. psychics Pat Price and Ingo Swann were both practicing Scientologists, as was Hal Puthoff, director of the program. I’m no fan of Scientology, and view it as an evil, abusive cult, but wondered about the Scientology connection to the above named key S.R.I. people. Targ also commented on the topic in a Coast to Coast radio interview, July 5, 2016, which I’ve carefully transcribed from.

    TARG QUOTE: “I was never involved in Scientology, so what I’m telling you is through, uh, hearsay. But what I understand is that in the upper echelons of Scientology they teach something like remote viewing, to go from one grade to another grade, and people were able to learn remote viewing. And it’s not a secret that our two very best remote viewers, Ingo Swann and Pat Price, were both high level Scientologists. And they attributed, uh, their ability to, innate ability because they had psychic experiences as a child, but learning remote viewing is part of moving up in the, uh, various grades, the upper echelons of Scientology. ” ( -Russell Targ)

    -Targ’s meaning may not be 100% clear in the above quote, but he seems to be suggesting Scientology’s teachings on
    remote viewing (I believe the term used in Scientology is “exteriorization”) may actually have helped Price & Swann develop psychic abilities they already had some experience with prior to their Scientology involvement.

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  3. Yes, Bob, I was initially shocked to learn of Pat Price’s and Hal Puthoff’s connections to Scientology. I have heard Puthoff avow that he no longer has anything to do with it. When I was a teenager, a young male friend of mine tried to get me involved with it; giving me books and paying for a session of “clearing”. I found it all a bit creepy and did not join up. What I did notice, even at 17, was that in reading L.Ron Hubbard’s book, he had taken known psychological phenomena and known occult philosophic teachings and kind of mixed them together and gave them new names.
    What I guess I am saying is that I don’t think the Scientologists were teaching anything totally original, but perhaps it was the regimentation of the training that forced the participants to practice daily to become better and better. As in playing the piano, you need to practice intensely and daily to get to Carnegie Hall.
    Russ Targ is a warm and wonderful fellow who I always enjoy listening to. I am very proud to know him and his lovely wife. I hope you get a chance to see his movie.
    Thanks for your wonderful comment.


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