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Rosalyn Berne Horse Whisperer #31

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Rosalyn Berne’s life has been filled with mystical experiences throughout, but by far her most unusual gift to date has been her ability to communicate with horses. She is in fact a genuine horse whisperer.

Kate Valentine and Fahrusha, both animal lovers and communicators themselves, were pleased to be able to speak to Rosalyn Berne about her unusual gift. What makes Rosalyn different from other animal communicators is her unique ability, on occasion, to elicit complex and abstract thoughts from her equine companions. Most good animal communicators are able to understand the creature with whom they are interfacing well enough to determine the creature’s feelings, needs, likes and dislikes, and their traumas and illnesses. Receiving abstract thoughts about other subjects is highly unusual.

Something that I (Fahrusha) forgot to mention during the podcast is that the word for little horse in Schwitzer Deutsch (Swiss German) is Rösli and the name Roselind refers not to roses in its derivation but to being a horse woman. Coincidence?

She is the author of four books and is working on a fifth. Her two published works on her mystical life and her equine communication abilities are Waking to Beauty: Encounters with Remarkable Beings (2016) and When the Horses Whisper (2014). In addition Dr. Berne is a professor in the field of Science, Technology, & Society (STS) at the University of Virginia.

Dr. Rosalyn Berne, horse whisperer

Dr. Rosalyn Berne, horse whisperer

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One thought on “Rosalyn Berne Horse Whisperer #31

  1. I never knew how attached horses could get until I saw a little pony a friend had. He had rescued it from some folks who had it on a big chain, for years, just ignored in the back yard. Dogs had attacked it and, we thought, ate a hole in its side. Its hooves were so long they curled. I thought he should take it to the SPCA as Dan had no money for vets or horse feed. He traded those fellows car repairs to get the pony in the first place, but he was in love with that pony.

    He put it in his overgrown pasture and trimmed the hooves a bit with his penknife every day, and brushed it. To his surprise, it was not injured–the dogs had only torn off hair from its heavy winter coat. After a few weeks, the pony’s feet seemed fine and her coat began to shine, as did her eyes.

    Over the summer, the pony got really fat. We thought it was from eating grass which tends to give horses fat bellies. Then one morning, his 10 year old daughter came running in screaming there was a ‘big dog in the shed with the pony.’ He went out and the ‘dog’ turned out to be–a baby mule! How a donkey ever got near that pony we had no idea.

    Anyway, that little mare was so in love with Dan, she followed him everywhere like a dog, nickering, butting her head against him, gazing at him in utter adoration. There was no mistaking the love in her eyes. She clearly understood he had rescued her. That was a big lesson for me. I had never been around horses that much and didn’t know they fell in love like that.

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