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#29 Stephen Braude Talks About Psychokinesis and More


Philosopher and parapsychologist Stephen Braude, Ph.D.

Philosopher and parapsychologist Stephen Braude, Ph.D.



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Stephen Braude is very accomplished. He is an Emeritus Professor of philosophy and former chair of the department at the university of Maryland, Baltimore. Currently he is the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Scientific Exploration and a past president of the Parapsychological Association. He is the author of six books and more than 60 essays, and the recipient of numerous awards, grants and fellowships.

In this episode, we speak about his book The Gold Leaf Lady, and to a lesser degree about The Limits of Influence and Immortal Remains.  The story of Katy, the Gold Leaf Lady, is a fascinating account which Stephen Braude shares with us. We hope to speak to him again about more of his work.

Dear Listeners, please share your PK experiences and your psychic pet stories with us. We want to hear from you!

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2 thoughts on “#29 Stephen Braude Talks About Psychokinesis and More

  1. I’ve never left a comment before but I love the show; you both have a wonderful way with guests & with the making the subject matter “understandable”. I feel a very strong bond with animals & nature, for various reasons, and have had a number of “unusual” experiences. One that stands out involved my dog Wylie ( who Kate may remember). He used to lay at the top of my basement stairs while I cleaned the cat litter boxes & watch me. One week after I had to put him down due to cancer, I was in the basement & happened to glance at the stairs. There was Wylie, hanging his head over the top stair watching me as usual. I turned away, thinking nothing of it, then realized “Wait, that can’t be!” When I looked again there was nothing there. I guess that can be explained away as simply a type of photographic memory and yet, I KNOW it was more than that. I think he was checking to make sure I kept my promise to him to rescue another dog lol, which I did & that involves another whole series of “coincidences”! Thanks again for the great show, keep up the good work 🙂

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