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Mary Rodwell of Australian Close Encounter Resource Network #28


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Mary Rodwell is a professional counsellor, hypnotherapist, ufologist researcher and metaphysician.

Mary Rodwell is a professional counsellor, hypnotherapist, ufologist researcher and metaphysician.

Mary Rodwell of the Australian Close Resource Encounter Network joined Kate Valentine and Fahrusha for a fascinating discussion about the meaning and effects of alien communication. She has interviewed thousands of experiencers and believes that each individual is the final expert on their own experience with the “others”, whether they be extraterrestrial, spiritual, or inter-dimensional beings. She also has an avid interest in the new generation of children who are experiencers. She has written a book, Awakening, How Extraterrestrial Contact Can Transform Your Life.

During the podcast we also hear from Diane, a listener, who had an experience of instantaneous teleportation.

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4 thoughts on “Mary Rodwell of Australian Close Encounter Resource Network #28

  1. An interesting interview that raised a lot of questions in my mind.
    My own position is that there seems to be sufficient evidence (statistical and other) to consider the existence of a reality that extends beyond the bounds of conventional science.
    The problem I have reconciling Mary Rodwell’s accounts is that they seem to be ‘event driven’, in the context that individuals are experiencing events, at a particular time, that seem to be initiated by unknown entities. If we all exist in a physical universe that exists within something grander still, then shouldn’t the impact of the greater ‘realm’ affect all of us every moment of every day, just as gravity does? I hope I’m making sense. I’m trying to understand what the boundaries are, because interfering entities/aliens seems to be a very specific and limited manifestation of whatever supernatural laws may exist.

    From another point of view and on a slightly different tack, evidence of ESP implies some form of information exchange; at the moment people focus on aspects of conscious exchange and conscious suggestion, but what are the implications of subconscious ESP? (Could an independent consciousness emerge from telepathically-networked minds?)
    Are we minimally-aware farm animals catching glimpses of the farmer, or are we free-swimming fish evolving in a psi-filled ocean?

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    • Thank you for your comment. Of course, I cannot answer your questions, because I have similar questions myself. In terms of the Mary Rodwell interview, I respected her from her point of view as a therapist. She in turn, respects her clients’ personal realities as being the final word as to what they experience. I think she needs to be seen in the context of therapist not cosmologist.
      Philosophically it all comes down to a question of whether we are all part of one consciousness and at what level does this unity arise. Currently I seem to be finding evidence of non-physical entities, some of which exist at a higher level than humans, but are not God with a big G (as in Creator). Some of these entities seem to have interacted with humans and most probably still do so. In science fiction humans regularly have the need to posit these entities in anthropomorphic societal terms, as in that the entities live in civilizations akin to our own (if you can call what goes on here civilization at all, we are a sorry lot). This societal view of the others may or may not be true in an intrinsic way, because it is possible that these others are able to act on the individual consciousness as to make a human perceive what ever the others care to project. So when we, as researchers, obtain similar accounts of the others, is it because the others are essentially that which we perceive or is it that human consciousnesses are similar, and so the others choose to project similar images? Can we ever truly know?
      In answer to your last question, I think we are more like field mice in the wild that occasionally interact with baboons! 😉


  2. Thanks for the reply Fahrusha. It’s fascinating stuff. I’m basically a programmer with a very logical approach to the world, but the concept of a clockwork universe creeps me out; although we know the universe is more complex – quantum mechanics and all.

    If these ‘others’ exist, then I can’t help wondering how much we influence them, or if they would exist (have come into existence) if we weren’t around. Things I think about are: Does our existence extend beyond the physical? Could aspects of our extended selves also be the ‘others’? Could telepathically networked physical minds create a range of independent consciousnesses from ant-like to god-like? What paranormal experiences do biologically evolved aliens have that are similar to humans? If some form of multiverse exists, do we interact with other copies of ourselves on a paranormal level?

    We can all choose to live our lives without looking ‘outside’, but why would anyone want to do that? I always look forward to the next Shattered Reality podcast!

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    • Gee Freeman, those are very pithy questions to say the least! IMHO, we do exist beyond the physical. The similar question I asked in my previous response to you was, at what point are we all ONE? Many great minds have come to the conclusion that all is ONE, but at what point does this unity occur? Humans seem to be capable of creating some other forms such as tulpas. Some have posited that some “aliens” are our higher selves, which only begs the question, who are our higher selves?


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