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#7 David Biedny on Shattered Reality


David Biedny by David Biedny

David Biedny by David Biedny

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Kate Valentine and Fahrusha speak with David Biedny about the nature of the paranormal. David, author of the very first Photoshop handbook, is a digital imagery expert having participated in the making of the original Photoshop program. He teaches at an Ivy League University and has a podcast and radio show on Rockland World Radio called the Angry Human. He was co-host for the first four years of the Paracast. But most importantly he is an experiencer of a wide variety of paranormal phenomena.


Author: fahrusha


7 thoughts on “#7 David Biedny on Shattered Reality

  1. It’s a pity the podcast can’t be extended sometimes!
    The interview with D.Biedny highlighted a significant question: How much of our reality are we aware of? We can point to the probable existence of dark matter (something that interacts with ‘normal’ matter via gravity only), as a fundamental component of our universe that we were previously ignorant of. But does the universe allow for something as complex as the paranormal, to exist, without leaving an obviously measurable fingerprint? There have been studies that appear to support (statistically) the existence of paranormal effects, but these types of experiments tend to be unco-operative in respect to consistent repeatability – perhaps an indication of the complexity of the phenomena.
    Is consciousness non-local? Are our material bodies merely finger-puppets to a greater consciousness? If telepathic communication turns out to be real, then do our subconscious minds gossip behind our backs? Is there an unheard music that our subconscious resonates with, in harmony with the evolving universe? Could an uber-consciousness arise from telepathically connected individuals? Or are we simply organic machines with delusions of free will?

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    • Hi Rob,
      You always have some intriguing comments. On the electromagnetic spectrum alone we can sense with our human sense organs only a very small part of what is actually there. When we begin to add in the other dimensions that modern physics posits that adds yet more unfathomable possibilities.
      It is my belief that consciousness is non-local, the brain being the home of consciousness while the body is alive. I hope to get physicist Russell Targ on the show to speak to this point at some future date. There are other cultures in which dreams play an important role in the daily lives of members. Lucid dreaming and out of body experiences are methods by which we can perhaps meet with other consciousnesses. We can ponder why different unconnected people experience the same other-worldly environment when they imbibe in ayahuasca, for instance.
      Please let us know if there is a specific guest you’d like us to interview.


      • Hi Fahrusha,
        I had to look at Dr Ed Mitchell’s IONS site to find the name I have trouble remembering – Rupert Sheldrake, would be a good guest too. I wonder if someone from IONS would be willing to talk about the institute?
        Another name that comes to mind as a potential interviewee is Gordon Smith, the psychic barber. Looks like he’s made it to US TV and has his own website, but I last saw him years ago on British TV.
        I hope you can get Russell Targ.

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    • Thought you’d like this from Joseph Campbell:
      Who am I? Am I consciousness or am I the vehicle of consciousness? Am I this body which is the vehicle of light, or am I the light?
      I once had the task of talking about these matters, talking about Buddhism, to a group of prep school boys, youngsters between the ages of about 12 & 17. When it came to this problem of explaining what Buddha-consciousness or Christ-consciousness was, I looked up at the ceiling for an inspiration and I found one. I said, “Look at the ceiling boys and at those flourescent light bulbs. You could say that the “lights” are on emphasizing the bulbs, or you could also say the “light” is on, emphasizing the light, two ways of saying the same thing.”
      Now when one of those light bulbs breaks, the superintendent of buildings and grounds doesn’t come in and say, “Oh my! This is a calamity! That was one of my favorite bulbs.” No, he takes it out, throws it away, and puts another bulb in. What is important here is not the bulb, the vehicle, but the light.
      Now, looking down at all your heads, I ask myself, of what are THESE the vehicles? These are the vehicles of consciousness. So are you the vehicle of consciousness, or are you the consciousness? When you identify with the consciousness, then when you burn out, with gratitude to the vehicle, you just let it go. You have identified yourself with that which is really everlasting. This consciousness that throws up forms and takes them back again, throws up forms and takes them back again. And you can now realize that you are one with the consciousness in all beings. You can say “individual, individuals, no obstruction.” This is the ultimate mystical experience on earth.


  2. Rob,
    I’ve got to look up Gordon Smith, the psychic barber. If memory serves me correctly, NYC had a barber UFO contactee, Andy Sinatra, “The Mystic Barber,” He was pretty outrageous. I’m hoping our next guest will be a remote viewer.


  3. First I’d heard of your podcast was today upon googling “David Biedny.” Glad I found it, & glad you had him as a guest. It’s a shame he left The Paracast. I rarely listen to the show anymore, but would if he was still co-hosting. One of my fave Paracast episodes was the one where David & his friend who saw the apparition together (an ncident he mentions here) speak about that incident in detail. Fascinating & creepy. It will be a good one to look up in the Paracast archives & listen to around Halloween. You should have David back on & ask him to speak about some of his other anomalous experiences such as the huge UFO (plus smaller ones that issued from it) he & a crowd of people saw in South America. Or, ask him about some of his experiences of apparent mediumship where he sensed what appeared to be spirits of dead folks. On The Paracast, he spoke of a female spirit he encountered in a restaurant some where. I like hearing his first-hand stories.


    • Hi Bob Bee,
      I too enjoyed David Biedny during his stint on “the Paracast” which is one of many reasons we have invited him on “Shattered Reality”
      twice. We hope he will be our guest again. Meanwhile, try a couple of other of our shows. We think you will like them.


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