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#6 Albert Rosales and Humanoids


Albert RosalesKate Valentine and Fahrusha have the pleasure of interviewing the famed humanoid investigator Albert Rosales. Albert’s site is and it is very fascinating. It contains over 17, 000 sighting reports from around the world. They are cross cataloged by both year and type of sighting.

Listen HERE

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4 thoughts on “#6 Albert Rosales and Humanoids

  1. A very interesting guest to listen to. I’m not sure what percentage of those humanoid sightings are misidentified (like many UFOs are), but it’s an intriguing subject area.
    In this episode Seth Shostak was quoted to have said (my paraphrasing:) that an alien civilization wouldn’t spend huge amounts to visit Earth and do bizarre things. I believe that any technologically advanced species has to be rational and logical to become advanced, so I don’t support the counter-argument that alien motivation can’t be understood. An alternative explanation could be that we are judging alien economies by our current standards. We’re starting to see private companies provide transport into space, including trips for rich citizens. Cavemen couldn’t have comprehended this possibility and kings and queens from the dark ages couldn’t have achieved it for all their riches. Maybe in a 1000, or 100,000 years, individuals and special interest groups from Earth will have access to space on a regular basis, including access to effective FTL technology. Perhaps one reason for the strange variety of encounters reported is that humans are coming into contact with alien private citizens an alien special interest groups, while alien governments have the problem of regulating travel and preventing potential disruption to the youngest worlds.
    If Earth had been created a billion years earlier, we may have been the ‘ancient aliens’ trying to protect developing planets.
    (Or maybe effective FTL travel is impossible, in which case something else is going on.)

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  2. Hi Fahrusha,
    I must admit that I’m not a big fan of Seth Shostak. I just listened to an ‘old’ C2C recording where Seth had a debate with Stanton Friedman. I’m not sure if Seth was being deliberately negative or just wasn’t able to understand the situation in regards to ufology. As for SETI sending messages into space, it’ll take a long time to provoke any kind of response. I tend to think that it’s a PR gimmick, much like the original Arecibo message. I also don’t agree with the alarmists who think it’s a bad idea. (And how, exactly, does one make a risk assessment for alien invasion?) I tend to believe that any local ETs already know we’re here.
    Not having read My Big TOE, I can’t comment, but the ‘quanta’ in quantum mechanics suggest a digital basis for reality. Wave-particle duality is another mindbender, but maybe the whole universe is digital & analogue at the same time?
    Types of intelligence fascinate me. Emotional intelligence is an interesting idea, but is that a function of awareness of one’s environment? Standard IQ tests seem to focus on pattern recognition. I tend to be an average problem solver with a poor memory and, as such, I believe that too much of education focuses on recalling facts. Amazing recall isn’t intelligence; certainly not the definition of AI, otherwise an Access Database would be considered an AI genius. If intelligent ETs are out there and visiting us, using technology, then they are generally rational, as opposed to irrational. (That isn’t to say that other phenomena/entities aren’t confusing the picture.)
    Apologies for rambling, but you provided a lot of food for thought. I will add that the older I get, the less impressed I am with our ‘intelligentsia’. Smart people make mistakes all the time, but any rational concept can be taught to anyone capable of rational thought. Science has depended too much on brilliant insights, and too little on good teachers. Maybe ETs have had enough time to find a better balance.

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    • Hi Rob, My jury is out on Seth Shostak. My guess is that he is a dedicated researcher who is unable to see where his theory has holes. He also does not want his professional career to be tarnished by association with “flying saucer nuts.” It is a common fear among scientists. Sadly not everybody associated with the UFO phenomena is rational about it and the media takes great glee in focusing on those far-out characters.
      Intelligence is clearly not one single thing but a series of abilities or traits.
      Thanks for listening to our podcast.


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