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# 5 with Natalie Sudman


Author Natalie Sudman

Author Natalie Sudman

Natalie Sudman worked as a civilian with the Army Corps of Engineers where she was blown up by an improvised explosive device (IED) while travelling in a armored motor convoy. Application of Impossible Things is her account of that experience. Kate Valentine and Fahrusha talk to Natalie about what happened to her when the impossible happened. Currently Natalie is a psychic reader, Monroe Institute facilitator, artist, and blogger.

Click here to hear or download the show. We welcome your comments.

Author: fahrusha


7 thoughts on “# 5 with Natalie Sudman

  1. I got this link for Natalie Sudman’s podcast in my e-mail but I’m not sure how to open it?


  2. Sorry I meant to say I got this link in my facebook page.


    • Please click on the highlighted word “here” in the article above. Then you will be able to hear or download the podcast. Thanks for listening.


      • Thanks Fahrusha; when I click on “here” I just get a blank page with a question mark though. Ah well, that’s ok. I love Natalie Sudman, maybe some other time I can hear more from her…


  3. Please try again. I think the server may have been overloaded.


  4. Thank you for the interview with Natalie.

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