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# 3 Mack Maloney UFOs and the Military


Mack Maloney

Mack Maloney

Sadly we have been experiencing some technical difficulties here at Shattered Reality! On December 12, 2014 we interviewed Mack Maloney a highly prolific author of military fiction, who as written two very accessible books about UFOs: Beyond Area 51 and UFOs in Wartime. Now we are happy that you will be able to hear this lively discussion we had about the books and related subjects. We welcome your comments.

Click here to listen.

Mack Maloney Interview


Author: fahrusha


4 thoughts on “# 3 Mack Maloney UFOs and the Military

  1. Can you provide a MP3 download link so I do not need to locked in front of the computer to listen?
    Thank you!
    PS – Karen – glad you’re back on…

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    • Also in order to download until we get on iTunes, when you are on the play page, go to the “save as” setting on your file menu (if you are using Apple) and save as whatever sound file you have enabled (MP3 for instance). You can do something very similar with a PC.


  2. Hi Jim and Karen,
    We are working on upgrading our offerings. Please stay tuned. We have three fabulous guests booked for the next several weeks.


  3. …still not able to download the mp3 from a PC….Looking forward to listening to the new shows!! Glad you’re back!!


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