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Podcast 1 featuring Don Ecker


Don Ecker

Don Ecker

Kate Valentine and Fahrusha discuss moon anomalies with veteran radio personality and ufologist Don Ecker of Dark Matters Radio. This is the premiere episode (10/10/14) of our new podcast. We hope you will like it. Click here.


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8 thoughts on “Podcast 1 featuring Don Ecker

  1. Welcome back Kate! You have been missed! Matt – United Kingdom


    • Thanks Matt! Fahrusha here. We have a few wrinkles to iron out but we are planning to move forward. Thanks for joining us. 🙂


      • Hi Farusha, sorry for not saying hi, I remember you as a guest a few times on Kate’s show. The show was great, and Don was a great guest! I found dark matters radio, after Kate finished the UFO show last year. So I am so happy that you are back, and I have another great show to look forward to each week! Give my regards to Kate, and I hope she is well, good look for the future, I look forward to some amazing shows! Matt Thelwell – United Kingdom

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  2. Here is the link to our Facebook Page:
    Eventually we are planning on around once a week. I will certainly give your regards to Kate. You might like to check out my personal paranormal blog as well at:
    We really loved having Don Ecker as a guest too. Thanks! Fahrusha

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  3. Hi Kate and Farusha! Earl here. I hope you both had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you both a Happy 2015! Sadly, I just found out about your podcast. I’ve told Rob about it and I will be listening.

    please keep in touch!


    • Hi Earl, Thanks for the greetings and a Happy New Year to you as well! Well, I hope you enjoy listening to the first four shows. And we are really appreciative of you for passing the word that we are on. We will be applying to iTunes soon to provide easy download.


  4. It’s great to hear you both back on the air again. Really enjoying the show.


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